Bella Bronze

Tanning Tips
  • Take Your Time, Don’t Rush. Slip into a Bella mood. Prepare to enjoy the latest self-tanning technology and tan-nurturing products. No streaks. No stress. A golden-bronze "tan" is yours within 2-3 hours.
  • Decide which parts of your body you wish to cover. Think body zones: leg zone, torso zone, face and neck zone. For best results, apply products to each body zone separately. Let dry before moving to the next.
  • Always start with clean, smooth, and completely dry skin to get the best results.
  • Don’t lean over a wet body to reach your feet! Make your life easier, apply Bella Bronze Sun from the leg zone up.
  • For easy back application, invite a special friend to assist in pampering you. If you are pampering yourself, you can simply slip the Bella Bronze Sun applicator pad over your favorite back scrubber and you have an instant back applicator.
  • A tan always takes better on freshly exfoliated skin. Exfoliation rids your body of rough, dead surface cells that can keep your self-tan from looking smooth and even. Concentrate on extra-dry, rough skin areas, such as knees, elbows and feet, using
    circular motions. Go lightly over delicate skin, such as facial, neck and décolletage areas.
  • Instead of exfoliating in the shower, take a bubble bath and enjoy the delicious feeling of pampering tub time.
  • Apply Bella Bronze Sun evenly in circular motions. Whether you choose to use your hands, gloves or the professional Bella Bronze Sun microfoam applicator pad, do not use up and down motions. Instead, apply self-tanner in circles, buffing/smoothing out skin lightly yet firmly, until the self-tanner is absorbed.
  • If you prefer to apply products by hand, especially self-tanners, make sure you wash your hands immediately after product use. Scrub under nails and around cuticles on hands and feet. Remember, clear nail polish can protect nails.
  • Make sure you clean the Bella Bronze Sun applicator pad with warm soapy water when done using and let sit to dry.
  • Never apply self-tanner in a steamy, hot bathroom or on a humid, hot day without air conditioning.
  • Avoid using other skin care products, immediately before or after self-tanning.
  • Go lighter over thinner-skinned and wrinkled areas, such as neck, face, elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet, working around and in between fingers and toes.
  • Apply a bit more Bella Bronze Sun to thicker-skinned areas, such as calves and thighs, which do not absorb product as quickly.
  • Be Patient. The good life, “La dolce vita,” is about taking one’s time to enjoy the gifts of living. While you will begin to see color in as little as 2-3 hours, your Bella Bronze will fully develop over the course of the day. Be patient, wait at least 24 hours between coats, until you are familiar with how the product works for your skin type. Don’t reapply a second coat too soon. It can make the skin too dark and off color. Excessive sweating, swimming and showering should be avoided for at about 6 hours after application.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes after applying self-tanner, before getting dressed. Avoid contact with hair, clothing and fabric during this time. Your self-tan will surface within 2-3 hours and will continue to darken over 12 to 24 hours.
  • If, after 24 hours, you want a deeper tan, skip the exfoliation step and just reapply a light coat, avoiding ankles, wrists and other thick-skinned areas, which darken quickly.
  • Keep Your Self-Tan Glowing Strong. For regular maintenance, follow the Bella process every 3 to 4 days but, if a darker tan is desired, reapply the following day. To keep it glowing year-round, use Bella Bronze Sun Olive Oil & Shea Butter Tan Extender or try Glowtissimo™ Naturally Brightening Moisturizer For The Body.

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